This was a project I did last year for one of my classes. We had to make an animation so I made a repeating Mandala animation. I love the image of mandalas and hoped to make a calming experience through the shifting of colour and hypnotic pattern.

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simple_anim3 simple_anim2 simple_anim1



This was a project done for class last semester. I worked on it with Emma Burkeitt, Brenner Pacelli and Alanna Predko. Each element is controlled by it’s own internal program, reacting to the other elements based on their actions. It is a self contained interactive system.

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Who Are You?

This was created over the summer of 2013 due to a thought I had about racism and segregation. I wondered why some people would give up who they are to do better in society; why would a person conform to fit in better? I don’t think a person should change who they are to fit in anywhere but that’s just my opinion.

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