Thesis: Process – 2

Listening to the other students’ Pecha Kuchas made me realize that we all have a similar goal in mind on some level. We all want to find our practice, what makes us who we are and what motivates us. I think we are all using this as a means to express ourselves and find what we want out of the rest of our careers and our lives. A lot of the other students also seem interested in making a practice or product that they can continue forward with after school – which I think is a great idea.

In art we often forget what motivates and inspires us because we are constantly being creative and looking at that same inspiration for new ideas. In that sense, we don’t often reflect on why we like things, we just do things and make it a part of us. However, through the act of reflection we can get more in tune with what makes us who we are and that can help us build upon our practice and give us new motivation to learn new skills.

While I still don’t know what I will do for my thesis, I feel secure in the knowledge that it will be a reflection of the principles within myself and that it will be a good reflection of my abilities. Whether I leave with something finished or as just a demo, I know it will be worth my time and effort.


Thesis: Process – 1

Going into my third year, I did not want to think about my thesis for my final year. However, it’s best to plan ahead and figure out the good ideas from the bad ideas early. Iteration over time seems to work best for me so I’ll go with that approach. The only drawback is that sometimes focusing on one thing for too long I get exhausted and mentally drained from it – hopefully that won’t happen.

As an exercise we were to do Pecha Kucha presentations about ourselves: our interests, strengths, inspirations, career goals, etc. While making mine, it made me reflect heavily on what I want out of my life and who I am. I want my thesis to be something that will help me in the future in some form, whether it is something I can go forward with after school or something that shows off my abilities in the best light. I focused my presentation on what inspires me and on the things I like to do, then contextualizing that to my thesis proposals. Hopefully through presenting a few ideas for my thesis, I’ll be able to get close to the final concept.

I think working through the thesis slowly and building upon it step by step will end in the best possible project. It can’t hurt to plan through a project and take feedback critically and adapt.