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I’ve made some of my games playable on, check them out!


Faded Memories – PLAY HERE



UI Test

These images show process work for a UI Test I completed in the past. I can not include the final mock-up of the UI but I’ve included the wireframe to give an idea of the user experience. This was done for a player vs player screen. The sketches were to control what was desired out of the final screen and challenge flow as well as versions towards the final interface.

OCAD University Prototype

These were main screen variations for an app prototype completed with OCAD University. The user could collect and trade treasures with others. In the images you can see a basic progression of getting a treasure, selecting what you have and what you want, then seeing your active trades before and after placing one.


All the images were created for an employee recognition program. Certain logos were removed for copyright issues.

The following images were for the employee to select a product and schedule its delivery or pickup:

The following images were for the employee to redeem points given to them after performing successfully: