Games I’ve worked on or developed and their progress reports will be linked here. Games in bold are playable on


All games that weren’t done under a challenge or game jam.

  • Cubed: Roll a cube around to reach the target value in a math puzzle game. (2017)
  • Faded Memories: Relive a memory from your grandfather’s past. (2016)
  • Good Will Haunting: Get everyone out of your haunted house so that you don’t have to share haunting rights with other ghosts. This was done in collaboration between OCADu & UofT for the Game Design class. (2015)
  • Second Chance (LARP): After leaving The Prison, become a model citizen of society by gaining the favour of your peers. (2014)
  • Loneliness: You are all alone and trapped in dark corridors. Can you escape? (2014)
  • Dogs Of War: A collectible card game of Heroes battling each other in a game of strategy and cunning. On-going project. (2014)
  • Dye: Fight an oppressive government that outlaws colour. Will you paint the town or Dye trying? (2014)
  • X-Mas Gift 2013: My friends help me collect data disks in three different platform levels. Created as a Christmas gift to my friends Adam, Greg and Steve for 2013. Did not complete until 2014… (2014)
  • Blind Games Bundle: A series of experimental games designed to be played by people who are blind. (2014)
  • Snorwhal: Get a dreaming narwhal to the rainbow at the end of the path. (2014)

Weekly Challenges

All of the following games were done in one week.

  • Tone Death: Fight with musical notes in this head to head party game. (2013)
  • WIM:se: Build an world and interact with it. (2013)
  • Light in the Dark: Guide the HMS Argyll through some rocky terrain in this Lighthouse simulator. (2013)
  • Candle:  All you have is a candle to light your way while you try to escape a labyrinth while being pursued by a monster in the shadows. (2013)
  • Reflection: Find your inner peace by combining conflicting emotions in this 2D puzzler. (2013)
  • door: Navigate your character through an invisible maze while a friend draws the level on a chalkboard for you. Shown at eLeo, Vector 2014 Game + Art Convergence and Level Up 2014. (2013)
  • Elixir: Become the greatest Alchemist by making the perfect combination in this card game. (2013)
  • Soul Run: Escape from Hell while dodging Death in this 2D platformer. (2013)
  • Retirement: Will you climb the corporate ladder or get fired in this board game? (2013)

Game Jams

These games were done during various games jams.

  • God Complex: Multiple Gods vie for your attention and devotion, however you choose your destiny. This was done for the Global Game Jam 2015 (@ Toronto). The theme was “What do we do now?” (2015)
  • End Game+: You must save the world like many before you! ….but perhaps this time, it’s not the best idea. This was done for TOJam 9. The theme was “After YOU!”. (2014)
  • Daydream: Try not to get caught daydreaming in class. This was done in a 6 Hour Game Jam. It represents the artists experiences in school. (2014)
  • RGBeats: This was done for the Global Gam Jam 2014 (@ Toronto). The theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” (2014)
  • One Shot, One Kill: Infiltrate the building while avoiding security. All you have is a laser with one shot and you’re ingenuity. This was done for Ludum Dare. The theme was “You Only Get One”. (2013)

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